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Introducing the 12​​​-member CDSBC Board

September 19, 2019

​CDSBC has received Ministerial Order No M301 confirming the draft amended Bylaws, posted on August 15, 2019, have been filed and came into effect on September 16, 2019.

All the changes are listed in the schedule of amendments, but some of the most substantial changes have to do with the size and composition of the Board.

Changes in effect immediately include:

  • reducing board size from 21 members to 12
  • removing the roles of president, vice-president and treasurer, regional representation and other specialist representative positions
  • creating the position of Board Chair, to be elected from within the Board
  • allowing the possibility for dental therapists to run for election to the Board
  • changing the election rules so that dentists, dental therapists and CDAs can vote for all elected board positions

From the day the Cayton Report was published in April of this year, the Board stated its commitment to change. The Board approved a new set of guiding principles that underpin how we will operate going forward. The Board worked with staff to deliver an Action Plan to the Minister that set out how we will address the 32 issues identified in the Cayton Report.

The smalle​​r CDSBC Board

I am pleased to announce the 12 members who will be staying on the CDSBC Board:

  • Dr. Richard Busse (elected)
  • Dr. Doug Conn (elected)
  • Dr. Heather Davidson, PhD (public)
  • Ms. Dianne Doyle (public)
  • Ms. Barb Hambly (public)
  • Ms. Cathy Larson, CDA (elected)
  • Dr. Maico (Mike) Melo (elected)
  • Ms. Sabina Reitzik, CDA (elected)
  • Ms. Shirley Ross (public)
  • Mr. Carl Roy (public)
  • Dr. Lynn Stevenson, PhD (public)
  • Dr. Richard Wilczek (elected)

The Board is in the process of electing its chair, to be announced later this month. You can read more about these board members on the CDSBC board web page.

In anticipation of the amended bylaws coming into force on September 16th, nine board members strategically resigned so that CDSBC would be compliant with the direction provided by the Minister of Health to reduce the size of the Board. I extend my sincere thanks and admiration to each of the following individuals:

  • ​Mr. Gurdeep Bains (public member)
  • Dr. Ken Chow (elected)
  • Dr. Jeff Coil (elected)
  • Mr. Oleh Ilnyckyj (public)
  • Ms. Dorothy Jennings (public)
  • Dr. Peter Lobb (elected)
  • Dr. Masoud Saidi (elected)
  • Dr. Brandon Schiffner (elected)
  • Mr. Neal Steinman (public)

What d​​o these changes mean?

This initial phase of Bylaw amendments is about promoting credibility and accountability at the board level, clarifying roles and being an independent regulator. These changes put CDSBC at the vanguard of regulatory change, defined, in part, by the trend toward smaller regulatory boards and increased transparency and public oversight.

What is not changing?

This is really about governance – how the Board functions, makes decisions and works with staff – not about the day-to-day practice of dentistry. Dentists, CDAs and dental therapists will still be involved, as they always have been, in supporting and underpinning CDSBC's statutory requirements and standard and guidance development.

Effective regulation will always need and embrace the expertise of its registrants and certified non-registrants. Through college committees and working groups, it is professionals working with public members, who define the behaviours that are written into professional standards, who help oversee colleges' entry to practice and inquiry and discipline processes and ongoing determinations of currency and competence.

We will continue to be transparent about our transformation as we implement an ambitious 2019-22 Strategic Plan and deliver on the many action items within the Action Plan submitted to the Minister. We recognize that registrants and stakeholders will have questions and commit to communicating in person as much as possible in the coming months. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, please write to me at