Winick, Leslie

Updated: January 29, 2014

The College received two complaints about Dr. Leslie Winick: one from the principal dentist and two certified dental assistants in the office in which he had been practising and the other from a patient. The complaint from his colleagues indicated that they had a number of concerns with the quality of Dr. Winick’s dental work including difficulties anesthetizing patients, problems with crown preparations, failure to remove decay, and failure to deal with patients in pain. The patient’s complaint was that he continued to experience pain following Dr. Winick’s extraction of his tooth because Dr. Winick had broken a tuberosity (a part of the jawbone) during extraction. Dr. Winick did not respond to the specific complaints of the dentist, staff or patient and indicated that he had ceased to practise dentistry and did not intend to return to practice.

The complaints were referred to the Inquiry Committee which, in the absence of Dr. Winick’s response, directed the Registrar to issue a Citation. Dr. Winick was advised of the Citation and, without admitting to any allegations in the complaints, confirmed he had previously tendered his formal resignation and agreement not to apply for reinstatement.

The Inquiry Committee considered the situation at its meeting on October 17, 2012 and, in light of Dr. Winick’s withdrawal from practice and agreement not to apply for reinstatement, directed the Registrar not to issue the Citation.

Leslie Winick is no longer registered with CDSBC, and accordingly he is no longer able to practise dentistry or use the title of "doctor."

Subsequent to this, Winick indicated that he wanted to return to practice and the Inquiry Committee directed that the citation be issued.


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