Illegal Practice

The College of Dental Surgeons of BC advises any person who has been treated by an illegal practitioner to consult with a physician and visit a CDSBC-registered dentist to review the work done and the materials used. More information for patients of suspected illegal dentists is available here.

Illegal Practitioners

Uvarov, Valentyn May 4, 2015
Du, Wei Ming April 28, 2015
Guan, Chao Ming November 26, 2014
Huang, Hua Zheng December 17, 2013
Shapoval, Vladimir December 17, 2013
Wu, Tung Sheng (David) August 7, 2013

Note: Filed materials in these cases are available from the BC Supreme Court registry.

CDSBC has taken legal action against the individuals above for providing dentistry services illegally. Those listed here are not registered by the College to practise dentistry in B.C.

Members of the public can use CDSBC’s online Directory of Dentists to check that their dentist is registered to practise in B.C.  

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